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Love is such a pious sentiment that its aroma has left an impression at all times. Where there are hundreds of swords arrayed against it, all the same time there were innumerable heads affected by its craze. They happily put themselves on these swords and immortalized love with their blood.

Them are numerous love stories in the world, which glitter before us like the sun and the moon. Be it "Laila and Majnu", "Shinn and Farhad", "Romeo and Juliet" or "Heer and Ranjha", when we turn the pages of their memorable tales, they light up our heart and mind. "Gul Sanobar" is also one such tale which we can never forget. Every aspect of this love story leaves us dumbstruck.

The story begins with an Indian prince, Taimas, who proceeds to a jungle with the intention of game-hunting, where incidentally he gets separated from his companions. Looking for his way, he reaches a spot from where he gets a strange sight. It is a horrifying jungle uninhabited by any man, bird or animal. At such a deserted place, he finds a throne made of gold. As he approaches it, he hears a harsh voice, "Who are you?" He instantly turns and comes across a 'dervish'.

The prince introduces himself and enquires about the 'dervish' and the throne at this god-forsaken place. After much persuasion, the 'der-vish' discloses that he is not a 'dervish' or a mad person, but actually he is Jahangir Shah, the King of Kabul. The prince gets curious and wants to know more about him. He further narrates that princess Mehr Angez of Turkistan, one of the prettiest princesses in the world, is the cause of his degradation.

All the princes in the world desire to get here but she has decided to marry only that prince who will correctly answer her question with the condition that if the answer will be wrong, he will be beheaded, as a result, many princess have lost their life. The Indian prince eagerly wants to know the question, which, Jahangir Shah relates, "What did Gul do with "Sanobar?"

Serial Name: Gul Sanobar

Genre: A Mega Fantacy Serial

Language: Hindi / urdu / Bengali / Tamil / Telegu & Malayalam
               • English Sub titles available
               • International Sound Track available for Dubbing.

Number of Episodes: 52 episodes

Duration of Programme: 22:30 minute

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